Certification Services: Although there is a list of required documents for certification applications, agencies often require suplemential  information­­ that is not originally requested. Additional request for documents can prolong the application process significantly. With our experience and expertise, we assist clients with both background and the application to ensure the certification is processed the first time it is submitted. This service provides clients with the maximum assurance that their certification will be successful.

The Certification Service includes:

  1. Provide detailed analysis and review of required documents
  2. Conduct due diligence of all additional documents required for application
  3. Assistance with required documents
  4. Review Affirmative Action Plan as applicable
  5. Review Business Background for each owner, shareholder, partner and/or director
  6. Review Business History
  7. Review Ownership History
  8. Review Certificate of Competency and Job Description for each owner, shareholder, partner, director, manager and department head
  9. Review resumes for each owner, shareholder, partner, director, manager and department head
  10. Assistance in selecting appropriate SIC NAICS Codes for future procurement sources
  11. Assist in preparation of Personal Statement of Net Worth for DBE/SBE/8(a) for each owner, shareholder, partner and/or director
  12. Prepare Two­Year Business Waiver when applicable


Full Consultation & Eligibility Analysis: The relationship with our clients begins with a thorough and in-­depth Eligibility Analysis. Ultimately, this service assists clients in determining eligibility for the Federal 8(a) program, the National Minority Supplier Development Council Certification, the Women's Business Enterprise National Council Certification or any other local, city or state certification or program.

Often companies are uncertain of their eligibility and/or which certifications are right for their business strategy. This service determines which programs clients will or will not qualify for and which certification is best for their business strategy. We will also provide analysis and potential pitfalls regarding eligibility. This service is to ensure that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision whether or not to submit a certification application.