Other Human Resources Services include:

Policy and Procedure Tactical Guidance  - we help to create a healthy human resource environment. Our professionals will help you develop high quality human resource tools such as an employee handbook or a policies & procedures manual. These tools can be extremely valuable during major organizational change.  Unlike cookie cutter guides full of legalese, The Pink Patch Group, LLC produces handbooks that are crafted to fit the culture of each client's organization. This personal approach generates useful manuals that are easy to understand.

Succession Planning
- A proper succession strategy extends beyond the C-suite. Our years of experience and powerful diagnostic methods create a more complete view of the internal and external pipeline, and reveal how the organization’s succession planning is—or is not—producing the leaders it needs. We then help clarify, enhance, design, and build a more sustainable process.  Our analytical tools provide the macro level view of the talent supply to give organizations insight into whether they have the talent they need to fuel growth and drive business performance, and identify any weak spots in the future leadership pipeline.

Executive Search and Recruitment
- We have customized, integrated, high-quality, research-based executive search and leadership consulting services. We successfully access all markets local to international to match your executive and management needs with the ideal candidates. Through this service, we help organizations, national and international, achieve competitiveness and success in today’s challenging economic and business environment.

Human Resources 


Human Capital Strategy Development - leverage research, analytics and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.  The Pink Patch Group, LLC will help align your organization with the critical changes required for success. We work across the enterprise, offering business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive your organization’s transformation agenda to achieve high impact, sustainable Human Capital results.