Workforce Planning and Demographic Analysis
- Workforce Analysis provides information regarding the current workforce across mission critical occupations, including demographic and background characteristics of the current workforce, retirement eligibility, turnover, and various workforce management issues (i.e., recruitment and retention). This information is valuable in understanding the workforce across the organization and identifying trends impacting the workforce as a whole or in part. It informs workforce and succession planning by providing a basis for action to address demographic and employment trends that may impact future mission capabilities.

We can help your agency:

  • Review and analyze the workforce to determine workforce demographics and employment trends
  • Develop a list of functions and staff at key locations
  • Review recruitment, staffing, and retention to identify, determine, and benchmark best practices or areas for improvement

Leadership Development and Learning SolutionsThe Pink Patch Group, LLC offers agencies a full range of leadership resources in addition to our training services for leaders.  We provide custom solutions - If your front line, mid-level or senior leaders need customized training or your organization requires a new focus on succession management or mission alignment, The Pink Patch Group, LLC's Custom Solutions team can help design a solution that meets your needs. Leadership Coaching or Individual coaching provides a sustained partnership between an individual and a coach to enhance the individual’s effectiveness in his or her organization. Our Custom Solutions Team will work with you to craft a coaching program that benefits the organization and the individual leader.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies  - To reach the goal of “Building our Future Through our People,” The Pink Patch Group, LLC commits itself to helping companies with attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce—one that mirrors the customer they we serve. We will help recruit, select, develop, promote, and retain employees of differing viewpoints, backgrounds, experience, education, socioeconomic status, occupations, and geographic locations.

Cultural Assessments and Alignment - we take a practical approach to understanding and tackling cultural issues. Rather than thinking about norms, rites, or employee satisfaction – terms commonly used to discuss culture – we urge executives to focus on management practices: “the way we do things around here.” We have developed and refined a proven methodology for helping leaders understand how various aspects of organizational culture help or hinder their ability to achieve strategic goals and expectations. Our consultants use an evidence-based approach, a rigorous model and valid and reliable measures to quantify aspects of organizational culture that are proven to be linked to performance. 

Workforce Development